Asst. Superintendent Dr. Todd Bauer's 20-21 Goals

Assistant Superintendent Dr. Todd Bauer's 2020-2021 Goals


Goal 1: Continue to further the district’s focus on providing an equitable learning environment for all stakeholders

  • Lead the cultural proficiency executive committee and the policy committee in developing, vetting, and adopting an equity policy
  • Develop, produce, and publicly release a podcast centered upon having necessary conversations around race, equity and diversity
  • Review, edit, and analyze the student code of conduct in addition to the secondary student handbooks
  • Engage the secondary principals in cultural proficiency and equity professional development through:
    • Podcast study
    • Book study
    • Delaware Valley Consortium for Excellence in Equity (DVCEE) opportunities


Goal 2: Develop strategies to expand college and career opportunities for students

  • Expand dual enrollment opportunities for students in collaboration with the curriculum department
  • Begin process for providing opportunities for authentic and project-based summative assessments
  • Design a speaker series that provides virtual access to college and military representatives, potential occupations and community resources to students
  • Expand internship and career exploration opportunities for students.


Goal 3: Support principals and the curriculum department in a creating a flexible learning environment that allows for disruptions that result from the COVID-19 pandemic

  • Integrate the use of Canvas into instruction across all levels with the necessary tools and supports to make the transition successful
  • Transition to a block schedule at the middle level to streamline instruction and to best support the developmental needs of middle school aged students
  • Lead, collaborate and innovate when necessary in all logistical aspects of our daily operations


Goal 4: Continue efforts to provide a safe environment for all students

  • Integration of Scholarchip technology on buses and in schools
  • Continue implementation process of restorative practices at the middle school level
  • Review and revision of student code of conduct
  • Implicit bias and cultural proficiency training for security personnel
  • Development and presentation of data dashboard to Safe Schools Committee of the Board
  • Establish and present Behavioral Threat Assessment referral process


Goal 5: Continue process of comprehensive review of policies and eventual review of administrative regulations

  • In collaboration with the Pennsylvania School Boards Association, continue comprehensive review of board policies
  • Update recently adopted policies with legal updates as a result of changes to Title IX and a global pandemic


The NPSD Board of School Directors concluded the performance assessment of NPSD Assistant Superintendent Dr. Todd Bauer and determined that he met or exceeded all objective performance standards for the 2019-2020 school year.