Change in PM Carline Procedures 5-17-2021


Beginning on Monday May 17th
, please continue to turn onto Marilyns Lane and then make the right onto Cathys Lane the way that you have all school year.  When you get to the school driveway, you will see that there will be 2 lanes of traffic set up instead of 1.  We will be utilizing both lanes of traffic so that we can fit more cars onto our property.  You will still need your nametags to show our staff.  Our students will still be exiting out the same way as we have all school year.  The only exception will be that we will load the students into cars using 2 lanes instead of 1.   The 2 lines will be utilized in an alternating pattern.  In order to help with this, we ask that you put car seats and booster seats on the driver's side of the vehicle so that students do not have to enter from the opposite side, especially those students who are Kindergarten through 2nd grade. Also of utmost importance is to make sure that if you have a student who is in 2nd grade through 6th grade, you are not arriving on the property before 3:35 or 1:35 on Fridays.  This will allow us to load in 2 lines of Kindergarten students at 3:30 and not have to move your vehicle to the parking lot.