About Home and School

What Is The Home & School Association (HSA)?


It is the partnership that links Gwyn-Nor families and staff, as we work together towards the common goal of creating a better educational experience for ALL our children.

We are a nonprofit, charitable organization operating under a 501(c)(3). This allows Home & School to fund field trips, assemblies and numerous other social activities that encourage students to work together. These “extras” bring the lessons taught in school to “life”.


Who Is The HSA?


We are Gwyn-Nor! The HSA is a 100% volunteer organization. We do not collect a membership fee as we are ALL part of the Gwyn-Nor Family and Community. Together, wecanallmakeadifference.Ourgoalisto get more families involved within our community. Look for more information about opportunities to be more involved.


Where Can I Get Information About HSA Activities & How To Stay?

We Strive To Be A Green Community! 

  •  The HSA Weekly Communicator will be sent via email every Wednesday beginning Sept 4th. You will also receive a weekly phone call from Dr. McKay every Sunday evening. If you don’t already receive the Weekly Communicator, please sign up at http://eepurl.com/gAtXFX .
  • Information will also be posted on our website under Home & School, www.npenn.org/gwynnor.
  • Join our private Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/groups/GNHomeandschool. NOTE: This is a safe, private and very helpful page for GN families to ask questions and receive updates. PLEASE JOIN! Be sure to answer the simple questions to be added to the group.
  • Text alerts are great reminders for events happening within days notice. We only send text info (no images) and we don’t share your information. Sign up at www.remind.com and enter code b89276 (Gwyn Nor Home & School). PLEASE SIGN UP; THIS IS A VERY HELPFUL REMINDER!


How To Help HSA?

‣ VOLUNTEER: Notonlyisitfunbutstudies show that when parents/guardians volunteer students do better in school. Let’s work together to make it an A+ year!

‣ To help start up the budget, we ask each family to contribute to the Activities Fund.

‣ FUNDRAISE: Either participate in fundraisers throughout the year or opt-out by paying a Tax deductible donation of $30 per child. (Did you know the HSA pays for ALL field trips K-6th?)

‣ SHARE: Contact a board member or attend a HSA meeting to share your ideas  


What does Home and School pay for?


Your $15 per student contribution toward the ACTIVITIES FUND pays for:

Field trips and assemblies

Educational enrichment

Social Activities

School Equipment and Supplies

Home and School Funds Student Enrichment

Student Field Trips for every grade (transportation and admission)

School Assemblies

Classroom Needs

Summer Reading Incentive

Grade-Level Enrichment Programs

Special Grant Requests from Teachers

Reading is Fundamental (RIF)

Family Read-In


Events Sponsored by Home & School:

Welcome Back Social

Halloween Family Dance

Book Fairs (2)

Kids Night Out Fundraiser (2)

Secret Shop and Ice Cream Social

Mother Son Night

Father Daughter Dance

Game Night

Lip Sync

Sixth Grade Show

Faculty Appreciation Lunch

Olympic Day

Sixth Grade Farewell Event

End of Year Celebration