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North Penn School District Language Arts Philosophy

Research in the field of literacy indicates that reading, writing, listening, viewing, and speaking are interrelated skills used as the foundation for acquiring knowledge and communicating effectively. These skills empower students to explore the value of language and to develop their own unique voice. Students who have successfully engaged in learning the language arts will be informed, responsible and productive community members ready to assume a purposeful role in society.

The North Penn School District believes...

  • Students develop thinking skills through the language arts - reading, writing, listening, viewing, and speaking.

  • Students use background knowledge, experiences, skills, and strategies to interact with text and construct meaning.

  • Students grow personally, socially, and intellectually while learning the language arts.

  • Student experience with the process of learning to read varies with each child, since this process is developmental.

  • Students need to experience both traditional academic purposes and real world applications while exploring the language arts.

  • Students achieve success in the language arts in a climate which partners school, family, and community.

  • Students develop a lifelong appreciation and enjoyment of learning through the language arts.

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Source: Reading/Language Arts Curriculum Review Committee May 18, 2005