Bus Pass Information

Information from the North Penn Transportation Department Regarding Bus Passes: 

Riding Buses Other Than As Assigned (Daily Exceptions)
Bus Passes
In drawing up bus routes and assigning student transportation, the North Penn
Transportation Department regards the safety of the children as the district’s first and
primary concern. Beyond that, however, they take into account the need for efficiency,
equality, and fiscal responsibility, thus, requiring the district to make maximum the use of
the buses while still keeping bus rides to a reasonable length and level of comfort. In
addition the district is also required to operate all District vehicles in accordance with PA
Code, Title 67, Chapter 171.

Chapter 171.125 Seating; Specifically states;
“A designated seating position of safe design and construction shall be provided for each
passenger and a passenger may not be carried for which a designated seating position is
not available…”

With this in mind, bus passes should only be issued for extenuating circumstances such
as: home emergencies, a parent that is away and student is staying temporarily with
another district family, parents/guardians who cannot be at the bus stop to meet their
student and have made prior arrangements for the student to ride home with another
student. Bus passes for extenuating circumstances may be granted at the discretion of
the Building Principal. Bus passes should not be used for after school parties, boy/girl
scout meetings, sleepovers, play dates, etc. Issuing bus passes may result in the
overloading of the school bus.
We ask for your understanding in this matter and wish you a successful and happy school