Fundraising Information


We fundraise so that every student may attend various field trips at NO additional costs, this includes admission and transportation. The HSA supports classroom, grade level and building needs throughout the year. We finance all building assemblies as well as any extra materials teachers may need for their classrooms. Additionally, we offer many family social events and activities at no cost. Without fundraising, we can not continue this level of support to our students, teachers and school. The current projected budget for 2019-2020 school year is $40,000 which equals to $70 per student.  

How Do We Fundraise?

We have a variety of fundraisers planned for families to choose from. You may decide to do them all, just a few or none. To “opt-out” of fundraising, you have the option of making a TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATION of $30 or more per student to cover traditional fundraising. *Please note this is NOT the same as the Activity Fund. 

What Are Some Fundraisers To Expect?

The HSA will offer several different types of fundraisers from traditional catalogue fundraising to events. Families can pick and choose which fundraisers they would like to participate in. We offer a variety to best meet the financial needs of each family. Families are not expected to participate in each fundraiser. However, the more participation the more likely we are to meeting our fundraising goals. Some fundraisers planned for the 2019-2020 calendar year include a Wreath Sale, Dining Nights Out, In-line 309 Skating event, Book Fairs, Read-A-Thon, Color Run, Giant A+ Rewards and several others.


  • THE USED CLOTHING SHED  Now you can drop off your clothing give-aways conveniently on your way in or out of the school.  For every pound donated,Gwyn-Nor Home and School gets $.08.
  • BOX TOPS Collect Box Tops from participating products. We earn $.10 per box top!
  • CARTRIDGES/ TONER Send used cartridges or toners to Gwyn-Nor. We get $2.00 in Staples Rewards dollars for each donation. Staples Rewards raised last year: $400
  • REDNER'S SAVE-A-TAPE Turn in Redner’s receipts and Gwyn-Nor can earn cash! Must have a “Save-A-Tape” card designated at the bottom of your receipt. To find out how to register your Save-A-Tape card, please go to
  • GIANT A + REWARDS Beginning September to March, you can earn points for Gwyn-Nor when you shop at Giant with a registered card.  If you have already registered your card, you do not need to register again.  If you have not registered, click here.


Below is a brief recap of fundraising last year, and how it supported our school. Field trips are always the largest expense that the HSA pays.


Activity Fund/Opt Out Fee $10,640  

KidStuff/Catalog Sales/Artwork $3694  

Dining Nights Out/Events Out $2799  

School Pictures $2597  

Park Tickets $1231  

Book Fair $1604  

Color Run $4313  

Box Tops/Label Redemption $350  

School Store/SpiritWear $2371  

Clothing Drive $1021  

After School Clubs $117  

Read-A-Thon $3896

Total $34,633


Where does your money go: 

Field Trips $14,059 

Grade Specific Events $578

Teacher/Building Support $1879 

Assemblies $2462

Gift to School $180    

School Wide Events $1362 

Misc & Operating Expenses $564    

Awards & Scholarships $404  

School Spirit $662  

Gift to School $6,600 

Total $28,750